Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kicking off


Mara here, I'm a blogger just like you. In fact, I was a blogger just like you. Only, it was on another blog, in another galaxy far, far away.

Darth Vader descended upon said blog, and with my anonymity shot and my husband's older kids suffering under the "care" of Darth Vader--in her taking my blog entries, reinterpreting said entries, and then regurgitating the bile-filled rewritten version to her offspring. To their emotional detriment, I might add--so, I thought I would give the blogging gig a fresh start.

Some of you may have known me--as I am--somewhere else. On another planet, another blog. Some of you may think you knew me. Some of you will be right. Some of you will be wrong. Some of you won't care either way.

Be warned. I shan't pull punches. I shan't BS. I may joke, I may make you laugh. I tell things straight up. I'm a feminist, I'm a mother, I'm a writer, I'm self-employed, I'm an empath and a Mama Bear, I'm a newbie wannabe pundit--politics used to be minor to me, but after all this time with W in office, it's become Really. Freakin'. Important. I'm real, I'm opinionated (but always interested in opposing points of view, speak up, now, y'hear?)

I'm a mixed bag. And now, I'm opening up that bag...and sharing it all with you!

1 comment:

Mamma said...

Thanks for letting me know how to find you!!!

Of course, now I'm wondering what your real name is. ;)